Build a Solid Legal Base for Your Creative or Wellness Business

As a creative small business owner are you constantly wondering whether you have the right things on your legal to do list? Do you know what you should be thinking about in terms of protecting your business and following the law?
Allie Moore, Lawyer for Creatives

Hi! I’m Allie, a Colorado-licensed attorney at Creatives Learn Law. I’ve worked one-on-one with over 200 creative small businesses to guide them through the process of setting up their business, drafting contracts, and advising on the legal issues that most commonly affect business owners. This short, free workshop is designed to teach you basics of small business liability and give a solid understanding of the most common laws that freelancers and creatives deal with so you can feel confident working with your clients and knowing you are protecting your business!

Gain peace of mind by better understanding the most common legal questions facing small business owners. Learn law tips from an attorney with years of experience working with creative and service-based business!

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As a Creative Small Business Owner You Know There's More to Legally Running Your Business Than Following Your Passion!

Not to worry, this FREE video workshop walks you through the legal checklist you didn't realize has been on your mind.


What You'll Learn in the Business Law Basics Workshop


Where do I start?

Forming a business entity - why form an entity and considerations for which form of entity to choose.


How do I protect my business?

Understanding insurance and tax obligations.


What should I know about contracts? 

A high-level overview of setting up and using contracts in your service business.


What about working with clients?

Tips from a lawyer for managing challenges in client and customer relationships.


What if a legal issue comes up?

What to expect when you work with an attorney and thoughts about finding an attorney that works for your small business.

Brittany Schoer of Just Be with Brittany

“I have attended two workshops with Creatives Learn Law and both of them have exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much from them and their expertise. I know next to nothing about law, but I am a small business owner, and want to make sure that I am protecting myself and my business well. They always share information in a candid, informative and non-intimidating fashion."

Brittany Schoer, Just Be with Brittany
Yoga Instructor

A lawyer-created video workshop created specifically for small business owners looking to run a legit and legal business!

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Taught by a lawyer and delivered to your inbox immediately, this easy to follow workshop will help you set up your business for success. This workshop is designed to be a tool to set policies that reflect common industry practices and to comply with typical state law requirements that often affect small business owners. The contents of this workshop are not tailored specifically to the needs of any specific business or to the laws of any specific state. This video workshop is not a substitute for legal advice and Creatives Learn Law always recommends working one-on-one with an attorney in your state to answer questions about your business’s unique needs and to customize and review documents before using them.




I’m a very tiny business and I usually DIY everything. Do I really need to worry about the legal stuff?

Yes! The best practices, rules and regulations we cover in the workshop apply to even the solopreneurs and smallest of businesses. Understanding these concepts can make a big difference even for very small business owners. 

How do I access the workshop?

After you sign up you’ll receive an email with a link to view the workshop video.

Does this workshop cover topics specific to photographers/designers/coaches/wellness pros/other professions?

This workshop is designed to be advice for any small business owner, so the general information here can be applied across these and other creative/service-based industries.

Do the videos include closed captions?

Yes. All workshop videos are captioned.

Business Law Basics Video Workshop

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Business Law Basics for Creative Entrepreneurs and Wellness Professionals


This free workshop is an educational resource and isn’t a substitute for one-on-one legal advice for your business’s specific information; that advice should come from working directly with a lawyer in your state.