Answers to more of your questions about how our law firm serves creative small businesses and wellness professionals
1. How much should I expect to invest in getting my business’ legal needs met? 

We use a flat-rate pricing model for the vast majority of our client projects, so that you know exactly how much your project is going to cost before we get started. While we will give you a unique quote depending on the particulars facing your business, our prices tend to be in the following range: 

  • Custom drafted contracts and advising, between $700 - $1300 depending on complexity, with most contracts priced at around $1000
  • One-hour legal consultations and contract review, starting at $400
  • Contract negotiation, early-stage dispute management, and other time-based services priced based on time-investment at a $200 hourly rate. We’ll always be transparent and get your approval on the amount of time we expect to invest in your project before beginning billable work.  
2. I am a very tiny business. Can you work within my budget? 

We have a wide variety of services available to meet clients at different price points, ranging from DIY legal products to time-limited consultation (including review of a template contract and oral advising about how to beef it up) to from-scratch custom contract drafting. Although our prices for these offerings are fixed as low as they can be for us to be accessible to small businesses while still supporting ourselves, we are building out a pro bono representation program so we can offer free custom contracts and legal consultations to business owners who can’t afford our services. If our prices are out of reach, let’s set up a time to chat about it. We may be able to help you resolve your legal issue at a lower price point, and we’re always happy to provide information about other legal resources that may be available. 

Be sure to check back here too for more information about our new pro bono business legal services program. 

3. Do you work with clients outside the State of Colorado?  

Legal ethics rules related to state licensure limit us to providing legal representation and services (including custom-drafted contracts) to clients based in Colorado only, unless we work with a cooperating attorney in your state. That means that most of our one-to-one clients are based in Colorado.

If you don’t have a Colorado connection, don’t fret! Reach out and let us know where you’re located, and we’ll see if we can find an attorney in your state who is up for partnering with us. We currently have relationships with cooperating attorneys in California, New York, the District of Columbia, and South Carolina, but we’re always looking to build our network. Working with us and a cooperating attorney means that we would draft the contract, and they’d review it and sign off. You’d still engage directly with us, but you would also be sure that your custom contract complied with rules in your state (and we’d maintain our ethical obligations. Lawyers are nothing if not good rule-followers). 

Another option if you’re outside the state of Colorado is to check out our video-supported contract template library! Because they are technically legal education, not client-specific representation, these products are available to creative small businesses operating anywhere in the United States. 

4. I like to do most things DIY in my business; when do you recommend I talk to a lawyer? 

We get it! Many of our clients are expert DIYers who like to handle the moving pieces of running a creative small business on their own. The best time to start working with a lawyer is when you want to feel 100% confident – whether you’re: 

  • still new to business and want to be sure you have the legal side handled 
  • just started a new collaboration or partnership and want help ironing out all the details 
  • have been serving clients using DIY or template contracts purchased off the internet and are ready to level up
  • have a legal business question you want a lawyer to answer
  • want to solicit or accept an investor in your business
  • have a dispute on your hands and want help avoiding a lawsuit 
  • curious about your tax obligations, or 
  • need to know how to go about hiring employees or independent contractors. 

These are all excellent times to start working with an attorney because they show that you are growing, and you want to do it right. 

PS: If you’re at the very beginning of running your own business and don’t know the first step to take, we recommend making sure you’re set up with commercial insurance before you work with an attorney to further minimize your liability. 

Once you’re ready, book a free consultation with us! 

5. What’s the process like for working with Creatives Learn Law? 

Whether you hire us to custom draft your contracts, review and negotiate a legal agreement, consult with you on a legal question, set up your LLC, or something else, the first step is always to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, so we can meet you, get a sense of the legal issue you’re facing, and see if we might be a good fit to help out. 

Once we decide to work together, we will send you an engagement letter setting out the scope of representation (this is a legal ethics requirement), plus an invoice. We accept all client payments upfront and deposit them into our trust account until the legal work is completed. 

For contract drafting clients, we will then set up a 1-hour video consultation, where we’ll ask you lots of questions to be sure we understand your business top to bottom while explaining how the different pieces of your contract will work for you. Next, we draft your agreement, combining our legal expertise with the unique way you like to operate, creating a legally-protective document that you fully understand and feel great using. We will deliver your contract as an editable word document, so you can fill in any blanks and decide the best way to put your contract to use. We will also invite you to submit questions in writing or schedule a second phone consultation, just in case you need additional follow-up advising. 

For contract review and other legal consultations, we will schedule a video consultation and will ask you to send us any materials or information that will help us to prepare, before we meet. Then we will review your materials and conduct any necessary advance research to help us make the most of our hour together. At our 1-hour video consultation, we will help you understand how the law applies to your unique situation while answering any questions you may have. 

For hourly clients, we will work with you to meet your legal needs, whether that means representing you in negotiations or dispute resolution, communicating with other parties on your behalf, consulting with you on an ongoing basis, or something else. 

6. How long does it take to work with you, start to finish?

We’ll always give you a specific time estimate based on the complexity of the legal issue you’re facing. In general, we turn around most custom contracts, contract reviews, and legal consultations within two weeks of beginning work together. If you need a final product more urgently, rush services are available for an additional 50% fee.

8. If I hire you to draft my contracts, what happens if I have questions or client issues with my contract in the future?

We are available to all our drafting clients on an on-going basis to answer questions that arise about what your contract means. We are glad to help with future revisions to your contract, resolving client disputes, and drafting new documents at an additional charge.

9. Why should I have a lawyer custom-draft my contract when I can just purchase a template online? 

Don’t get us wrong, we are not against templates (we even sell some templates, complete with video walk-through support, in our shop!). But for most people, a custom-drafted contract is always going to be better than a DIY template for one main reason: comprehension. And by that, we mean that (1) your contract should be comprehensive and should fully cover all the ins and outs of how you uniquely do business, and (2) that you should feel 1000% confident using and answering questions about your contract because you fully comprehend how it works. That level of comprehension comes best when you get a lawyer to:

  • Take the time to get all the details about how you do business, how you like to work with clients, what liabilities you’re most concerned about,
  • Use that information to draft a contract that is legally legitimate, totally understandable to non-lawyers, and custom-designed for the particulars of your business; and 
  • Answer every question that you have while reading it. 

Because template purchases do not come with 1:1 legal representation and are not written with your unique business in mind, you’re never going to be as well-covered by a template than a custom-drafted agreement. If you are using templates purchased off the internet, we always recommend buying one specific to your industry. It can also help to have a lawyer review completed templates to give you advice on how to make them more protective (we offer this service in our one-hour consultations). 

The second best thing to getting a lawyer-drafted custom contract for your business is purchasing an industry-specific template with lawyer video support. Check out our library of video-supported templates, written with specific sectors of the creative industry in mind, and complete with a video walk-through so you understand exactly how each clause works and what it does to protect your business, plus what you need to do to use your contract in the real world. 

10. What is included in your video-supported templates? 

Video-supported templates purchased from our library include: 

  • A contract template in an editable word document, including intelligently-placed highlights and comments to guide you through the process of filling in the details for your business, plus
  • A video file featuring one of our attorneys walking you through how to fill your contract template in, including a detailed breakdown of what each clause means and how to answer questions that we see most commonly come up with our clients’ clients. 
11. Will calling you guys potentially get me in trouble? 

Nope! We will always advise that you follow the law (including by, for example, paying taxes), but whether you are on the phone with us for an initial consultation (ie: as a potential client) or signed on as our client for real, we are bound by the attorney obligation to maintain client confidentiality, which means that we will never disclose to any third party information that you provide to us as part of seeking representation. Plus, we want the best for you.

12. I like all of your stuff on Instagram. Are you my attorney?  

Hard no. But we would like to be! Many of our new clients find us by attending our classes or watching free legal educational content for small businesses that we post on social media. But, until we sign an engagement letter and receive payment, we are not your attorney and do not have any ethical obligations to you. If you want to change our relationship status, please feel free to schedule a free consultation

13. Will you please teach a class about _______? 

Maybe! We love creating valuable content on the legal topics that are most on your mind. Contact us to make requests for an upcoming class, blog post, newsletter, or social media legal topic and if we agree that it would be beneficial for our audience, we will do our best to make it happen! Thanks so much in advance for the suggestion. 

14. Do you offer refunds? 

Sorry, but no. Because the legal services we provide are highly customized and video-supported templates are delivered immediately upon purchase, we do not offer any refunds. 

15. Why is your website “” when your law firm name is Creatives Learn Law? 

Good question! It’s a funny story – when we first opened our firm, we made the rookie mistake of filing a trademark application before purchasing a domain name. Someone saw our trademark application, swooped in and bought “” and tried to sell it back to us for $800. Until we hit the big time, will have to do. (On the bright side, now we know to advise every aspiring business owner to purchase their desired domain name first thing, and definitely before giving away their secret on a publicly-available USPTO database. Oops!) 

16. Why are you so different from most other lawyers I talk to? 

Aw, thanks for saying that. Our company core values are intention, excellence, connection, equity, learning, comfort, and openness, and we place those values at the center of the way we do business. As a photographer-turned-lawyer, I understand the creative industry firsthand, and we pride ourselves on treating our clients with the utmost respect and dignity. We know lawyers get a bad rap, but we’re lucky to know many, many good ones from our shared community in law school. And we feel really lucky that we get to help flip the script on what it means to interact with an attorney every day by the way we honor our clients, ourselves, and each other.

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