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Colorado Contract Lawyers For Your Creative Business

Enabling you to live your mission.

Through hand-crafted custom contracts, support with understanding and negotiating existing legal agreements, and legal consultations that are both heartfelt and smart, we help you do your thing with confidence. Check out more of what we offer here and if you know you're ready to work with us, book a consult! We'd love to chat about how we can support your vision.

One-on-One Legal Support for Your Small Business

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Contract Drafting

Say goodbye to Old English legalese that makes you feel bad without any practical benefit. Get lawyer-drafted contracts that are custom designed with your business in mind and written in a way that you and everyone you work with can fully understand. We take the time to get to know you and how you run your business, so your contracts feel like an empowered part of the unique services you provide, not a one-size-fits-all solution to an overwhelming problem.

How drafting works . . .

  • Personalized client contracts match your unique business practices, including payment and delivery terms, cancellation and reschedule policies, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution. 

  • Founding documents reflect exactly how you want to operate in best and worst-case scenarios, whether you’re forming a single-member LLC or going into business with a partner. 

  • A liability waiver, NDA, or other short legal forms  protect your interests and unique business risks. 

  • No more trusting lawyers just because we say so. All custom contracts come with a one-on-one conversation with us so that the documents we draft for you are uniquely suited to your business and so you fully understand what it all means and how your contract works for you. 

  • Prices vary depending on the complexity of your contract, but typically land between $800-$1300, with most contracts priced at $1000.

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My experience with Creatives Learn Law was fantastic! I hired them to review and rewrite my client contract, and the entire process was a breeze. They were super responsive from the get-go, took the time to understand my business and contract needs, and explained legal concepts clearly. It was evident they knew their stuff, and I'm confident in my new contract when presenting it to new clients. I appreciate that Allie has previous experience in the wedding industry, as her knowledge of the unique intricacies of my business was important to me. I highly recommend Creatives Learn Law for any creative business needs!

Nicole, Wedding Planner & Designer, Hey! Party Collective

Contract Review & Negotiation

Ever been handed a legal document and expected to sign without fully understanding the fine print? Now you have a lawyer to talk through it with you first! Let us take a closer look and give you the scoop so you can feel entirely confident about the legal consequences of your agreement before signing on the dotted line. If you want help negotiating different terms with the other party, we’re here for it.

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How review and negotiation work…

  • Send us the legal document you’re curious about, whether it’s a proposed contract from a potential client, an independent contractor or employment agreement, a commercial lease, or otherwise. 
  • We’ll give it a close read, taking special note of anything that seems atypical, concerning, or simply worth paying some extra attention. 
  • Then we meet with you to answer your questions and help you think through all the relevant considerations. 
  • Want to incorporate some changes before making it official? We’ll help you negotiate with the other contracting party, either by communicating with them on your behalf or by coaching you through the process. 
  • Contract review and consultation offered at $400 (or $300 for returning clients). Negotiation with third parties is billed at an hourly rate of $200/hour.

Legal Consultations

This service is for you if you need support setting up your business, have a specific or general legal question, or don’t even know what you need but have a feeling a lawyer could help. We’re skilled researchers, know how to simplify complex topics, and we love teaching our clients about how the law uniquely interacts with their businesses. Bring us the discrete legal issue that’s bugging you or hire us for broad consulting around how to set up or operate your business legally. We’ll get you squared away! 

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How consultations work…

  • Legal issue research and review - get your questions answered. 
  • Contract review and explanations. 
  • New business set up and maintenance. We’ll walk you through setting up your Colorado LLC or give you a roadmap for how to set up another entity type.  
  • No hourly billing unless you want ongoing support. $400 for an hour-long video consultation (unless you’re a returning client or have hired us for contract drafting as well, then it’s only $300!), including whatever advance document review or research necessary for us to meaningfully advise you.

Providing business legal services in Colorado and education nationwide so that heart-centered entrepreneurs can live their vocation with less stress and more joy.



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